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Description : Exquisite

“I know mom had to be driving you crazy tonight cause she was making my head spin.” Carly laughed rolling her eyes as she launched into the exact imitation of their mother’s high-pitched voice. “So Lena? When are you going to meet a nice boy and settle down? You spend too much time with your head stuck in a book studying.”

Lena laughed turning to look at her sister who stuck her tongue out.

“Thanks for driving me home sis. I swear if I don’t get a car soon I'm gonna go insane.”

Focusing back on the dark road they waited at a red light.

“Go insane? That’s impossible, you’re already there.”

“Whatever, loser.”

Grinning Lena watched the road then slowly started to accelerate as the light flicked to be green. They’d moved two inches forward when a blinding light came hurtling toward them. Tires squealed in protest right before a bone crunching noise splintered through Lena’s ears, and everything went black…


Sitting up suddenly Lena felt the sweat drip down her spine as she clutched her chest tightly. Glancing over at the clock by her bed she watched as the red numbers flicked to 3:21am. Shit. Every night the nightmare was the same. It was like a bad scene in a movie that was stuck on repeat and wouldn’t stop. The only major difference was this was her reality. No matter what she did, for the last nine years of her life, Lena had been living with the ugly truth that she’d been behind the wheel the night Carly was killed. Leaning against the headboard, she squeezed the bridge of her nose and inhaled deeply. Lena looked over to the picture on her empty dresser, of Carly and herself at Carly’s 18th birthday, and sighed. Closing her eyes she slid down into her bed staring at...