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Description : Fading
"What do you mean they cancelled? They've been on the books for weeks."

"I don't know. I didn't take the call, but we've gotta fill that slot in the next couple of days. Classes at U-Dub started today, so this weekend is gonna be busy as hell."

"Shit!" I pause for a second, frustrated as f**k. "It's too late to do anything about it tonight. I'll make some calls tomorrow and try to get another band booked. Oh, hey, if those f**kers call back, tell them to find another bar to play."

"Right, boss. You heading out soon? It's past midnight already."

"Yeah, in a little bit. I need to finish this paperwork and I'll be gone. Go ahead and go."

"See you tomorrow, man."

"See ya."

I try working on the inventory supply sheet that I need to get in to our liquor distributor, but my mind is elsewhere. I really need to call Gina and tell her to note over tonight. She's starting to be so damn clingy. I can't stand chicks like that. The last thing I need to deal with is her needy shit. Gavin had warned me about her, but f**k if I listened. I was just looking for a one-night thing, but her stopping by my place and calling me all the time is getting annoying.

A clatter outside snaps me out of my thoughts. I look down at my watch to see it's nearing one in the morning. Shit. When I start packing my things up to head home, I hear moremotion from outside. I shake my head knowing it's probably just some drunk guys heading back home from a party. People are always cutting through the back alley.

I start locking everything up and make my way downstairs to the back door. "Crap," I whisper to myself, realizing I left my cell in my office. Walking back up the stairs to my office, I grab my phone off my desk. Then I hear screaming....