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Falling for Jillian

Falling for Jillian

Description : Falling for Jillian

What is it with master bathrooms that makes people hem and haw? I glance down at my watch and offer the couple from Ontario a wide smile as they browse through the multimillion-dollar home near the Whitetail Mountain ski resort. In real estate, it’s always the master bathroom that people get hung up on. You’d think it would be the kitchen, and sometimes it is, but invariably, they want to take a second or even third look at the master suite.

“This home is beautiful,” Mrs. Langton says with a smile. “I love it. What do you think, sweetheart?”

Her husband smiles and nuzzles his wife’s ear, making my stomach turn. “You know I’ll buy you any house you want, my love.”

She laughs and takes another look around the great room as we descend the staircase, our footfalls echoing through the empty space.

“Out of all of the homes we’ve seen, this is my favorite. The view is fantastic. And we’re just down the road from the resort.”

I glance out the wide picture windows that overlook Whitetail Lake, and wince. The snow ising down harder than it was this morning, so getting off this mountain in my little Honda sedan isn’t going to be easy.

“Does that mean you’ve finally decided?” Mr. Langton asks his wife.

“I think so.” She claps her hands and bounces on the balls of her feet. “We’d like to make an offer on this house, Jillian.”

“Fantastic,” I reply and shake their hands. “I’ll get the paperwork ready this evening and we can meet at my office tomorrow.”

“The weather sure has decided to get nasty,” Mrs. Langtonments as we make our way outside and I lock the door to the mansion behind us.


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