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Falling for King's Fortune

Falling for King's Fortune

Description : Falling for King's Fortune
“I’ve been stood up.” Jackson King closed his cell phone with a snap. Setting his empty glass down on the lustrously polished bar top, he signaled the bartender, Eddie, an older man with knowing eyes, to fill it again.

“Well,” Eddie said, “I think this is a first for you, isn’t it? You losing your touch?”

Jackson snorted a laugh and leaned deeper into the cushioned back of the dark red bar stool. Swiveling it a half turn, he glanced over the dimly lit room behind him. The Hotel Franklin, the only five-star hotel between the tiny town of Birkfield and Sacramento, boasted one of the best bars in the state.

It was also conveniently close to the King family airfield where Jackson spent most of his time. He kept a suite in the hotel for those nights when he was too tired to drive home and thought of the elegant bar almost as his office.

“Oh hell no. That’s never going to happen. Wasn’t a woman who blew me off, Eddie,” Jackson said with a grin.

“My cousin Nathan canceled on me. His assistant was driving his car to his mountain place and had problems. Nathan to the rescue.”

“Ah.” The bartender nodded. “Good to know you’re not slipping. Thought maybe it was a sign of the apocalypse or something.”

He did have good luck with women, Jackson mused. Or at least, he always had. Soon enough, all of that would be over. He frowned a little at the thought.

“Something wrong?” The bartender asked.

Jackson shot him a look. “Nothing I want to talk about.”

“Right. Another drink. Coming right up.”

While he waited, Jackson let his gaze slide around the elegantly appointed bar. The room gleamed with a warm glow as discreet lighting reflected off the wood...