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Falling for My Best Friend's Brother

Falling for My Best Friend's Brother

Description : Falling for My Best Friend's Brother
I Keep on Falling

I have a piece of advice for you. Never fall in love with your best friend’s brother. Don’t fall for his boyish smile or his gorgeous big blue eyes. Don’t fall for his bulging biceps or his arrogant smirk. There’s nothing good that cane from falling for him. Trust me, I know. My name’s Alice, and I have the biggest crush on my best friend Liv’s brother, Aiden. He’s everything I want in a man, aside from the fact that he’s brooding, overprotective, annoying, and too devastatingly handsome for his own good.

Aiden Taylor is everything I wanted in a man, but he is the one man that I can’t have. He’s the one man I can’t let myself be with. I couldn’t afford to date him and then have everything go wrong. Liv is my best friend and like my sister, and if I dated Aiden and it didn’t work out, I’d be scared that it would ruin our relationship as well. Plus, I’m scared about what would happen if the truth came out. You see, there are secrets about Aiden and me that nobody knows about. Secrets that neither of us wants found out.

However, sometimes a secret has toe out. Sometimes it’s not the secret that’s the issue. Sometimes the issue is you.

Chapter One

Never Take Your Own Advice

“Alice, you need to learn to take your own advice.” Liv wriggled her eyebrows at me as she changed the channel on the TV. Her brown doe-like eyes gazed at me with a challenge, and I stifled a groan. I knew that look well. As well I should, as I was the one who had taught it to her.

“What advice is that?” I said as I casually picked up the bowl of popcorn from the coffee table and sat back. I took a couple of kernels and popped them into my mouth, enjoying the buttery sweetness as I waited for...

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