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Falling for the Groomsman

Falling for the Groomsman

Description : Falling for the Groomsman
Tyler Dresco closed the door to his hotel room and scanned the wedding itinerary. According to the schedule, the first event took place in a little under an hour, which left enough time for a quick drink at the bar, if he hurried.

God knew he’d need it.

He loved his sister, Kady, very much, as any older brother should, but a whole drawn-out event centering on one wedding seemed a little bit over the top. There were dinners, scavenger hunts—and ballroom dancing. Fucking dancing.

He’d been tempted to pretend the minor injury he’d gotten in Brazil was more serious than a bruise. There hadn’t been much time to do anything fun while working there for Doctors Without Borders, so his last day there, he’d done it all.

Bungee jumping. White-water rafting. Rock climbing. He’d injured his knee while zip lining, so he hadn’t gotten the chance to skydive. Maybe next time. But ballroom dancing? Yeah. He could do without that.

No one else could make him suffer through numerous days of flirtatious women, loud music, and fancy ballroom moves. But for Kady? He’d do it and smile, too, damn it.

But first, he’d get a f**king drink.

Without looking up, he turned on his heel and stumbled backward as someone crashed into him full force. He automatically steadied the person, making sure he didn’t lose his own footing in the process. Judging by the slender frame plastered up against him, he held a woman. She was about five foot three and had curves in all the right places.

Not that he was noticing or anything.

“Oof,” the feminine form in his arms said. She started to step away, but stumbled back into his arms. “Ah, crap. Hold on.”

The second her fingers closed on his biceps, he tensed. A shot of desire punched him...