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Fear Me

Fear Me

Description : Fear Me
I huffed and wiped the sweat off my eyebrow for the hundredth time in the last five minutes. The pink toenail polish that Aunt Carissa helped me paint on this morning glistened in the sunlight.

I wasn't having a very good time.

“Wanna play hopscotch? I’ve got chalk. Pink ones too if you like. My mom says girly-girls like pink. Your bow is pink so you're definitely a girly-girl. I like your bun. You look like a ballerina. Are you a ballerina? Can you show me your moves?”

The soft voice above me rushed the words out before I could raise my head. I looked up and was staring into twinkling green eyes and a chubby face. She reminded me of my mom’s statues that she often called a cherub.

“Willow,” she stated.

I continued to stare.

Her wild mane of curly red hair that was more like a copper color was currently spread in every direction like it had never met a brush before. Freckles covered what seemed like every inch of her face and framed her big round eyes. Her bright green overalls had a yellow daisy print that she paired with purple sneakers. She definitely had the adorable kid look down.

“Hi,” I finally responded after the silence became awkward. I could see some of her confidence disappearing when I continued to stare.

“What’s your name?” she prompted nervously. I wasn't sure I should answer her. She looked like trouble and a long day. I didn’t get the chance to answer though. A lady with equally red hair, but carefully swept back to rest on her shoulders, interrupted before I could.

“Willow,” the lady called out in a stern tone. “What happened to your hair? Oh, never mind. Where is your brother? It’s time to go home.”

“Mooooom,” she whined. “How...