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Fear You

Fear You

Description : Fear You

Three Weeks Ago

The first forty-eight hours were spent in an interrogation room trying to persuade the moronic detectives I hadn’t tried to kill my own brother.

They were convinced if I didn’t put the bullets in him myself, then I was somehow responsible for what happened to him.

I told them all to get fucked.

The last forty-eight hours were spent looking for Mitch. My fucking father.

I slipped from the black leather seat of my car, and before I could even close the door, I was swarmed.

Endless condolences and questions.

Pats on the back.



It was all unwanted.

The exposure was even more annoying.

My desperation for a distraction overshadowed my better judgment, and before I could rethink it, my attention turned to the nearest hopeful notch.

She batted her eyelashes for the hundredth time, officially going into overkill. She was perfect for what I had in mind.

One flash of a smile and she was instantly on me. Her breasts pressed against my chest when I caught her. My hands instantly sought out her ass, and when I felt the soft globes under my hand, disappointment flared.


Not even a twitch.

This chick made my dick want to deflate and die.

I was thinking of ways to change my mind without embarrassing her because I wasn’t aplete dick… at least not to people who didn’t affect me. It was backward, and it would only make sense to someone who walked in my shoes.

It was a good thing I had lifted my hands when I did, or I would have lost them when the blonde was snatched away and thrown on the ground.

My eyes refused to believe what was taking place before me, but when her fist reeled back, I snapped into action, saving the face of the...