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Flat-Out Celeste

Flat-Out Celeste

Description : Flat-Out Celeste
What Was Best

“And so in short, that is what is meant by reductio ad absurdum.” Celeste beamed at the class and closed her laptop. This past month had been worth it. And the joy of finally releasing her pent-up energy and excitement over this philosophy presentation had paid off. It had gone flawlessly. ”So the next time that you find yourself in a situation in which you must prove that something is true by showing it to be false, you’ll be sensationally equipped.”

It really had been quite the fantastic and thorough presentation, although her classmates’ blank expressions did not appear to reflect it. A boy in a blue skull cap looked as though a medically induceda might cause more of a reaction, and the girl with the possibly illegal-length mini-skirt was shooting a death stare in her direction. Celeste looked to her teacher, Mr. Gil, to see if his response was different. He appeared stunned. Something was wrong. Something had happened. What, however, she didn’t know. She shut her eyes for a moment and ran over the past forty-five minutes. Had she forgotten something? It didn’t matter what they thought, though.

Mr. Gil pursed his lips and appeared to be holding back a smile as he left his seat near the window. She didn’t see anything the least bit amusing about the situation. In fact, her spirits were plummeting dramatically. “That was… quite… It was quite brilliant. Are we sure you’re a senior in high school and not already defending a dissertation?” He winked just as the bell sounded loudly, and Celeste could breathe again.

Students brushed past her, one bumping her laptop and another not-so-accidentally stepping on her foot. Celeste looked straight forward and let their faces fly past her in a haze. It would not be good to focus now. She could see the...

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