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Description : Flutter
Jack smiled at me from across the glass chessboard, and any thoughts I had about the game werepletely lost. Since I made the transformation from seventeen-year-old girl to full-fledged vampire three weeks ago, the ability to focus on anything had be much harder.

My new senses made Jack even more amazing. When he moved his hand to touch a pawn, the light, tangy scent of him and his blood makes my mouth water. He’s even more attractive than I’d ever known, and I’ve spent far too many hours just gaping at him.

“Ahem,” Milo cleared his throat more loudly than necessary, considering he could grab my attention by just changing the way he breathed.

Every sound is so much more magnified than it was before. While I couldn’t hear a butterfly flapping its wings, my hearing had greatly improved. When ites to heart beats and blood, I’m particularly sensitive.

“I thought you wanted to learn to play chess,” Milo said.

He sat behind us, perched in an over stuffed chair with one of his legs hanging over the arm. In human years, he was a year and a half younger than me, but he’d been a vampire longer than I had. With dark, wide eyes, he managed to look deep and mysterious, while as a human, he had just looked innocent and naive. The change sat with him immensely.

“I know, I know,” I said, and my embarrassment amused Jack. “Just go over what a rook is one more time.”

“You’re not even trying at all, Alice,” Milo sighed.

“Be serious,” Jack chimed in, his tone very dutiful.

Our relationship currently...