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Forbidden:The Billionaire's Virgin Princess

Forbidden:The Billionaire's Virgin Princess

Description : Forbidden:The Billionaire's Virgin Princess
LINA MARWAN stood on the edge of the bridge, her eyes shut as she searched for her center.

A slight breeze caressed her sun warmed skin. It was a beautiful day to be alive. She released the railing and nothing stood between her and open air…a fifty-foot drop to the rushing waters of the river below.

Adrenaline coursed through her at the thought of what she was about to do. Her breaths came in short pants and sweat formed on her temples and palms. She curled her fingers into fists and then released them several times as she forced her lungs into a more relaxed rhythm.

Loud voices from behind her disturbed the peace she was trying to attain. Opening her eyes, she looked back over her shoulder and saw him.

Sebastian Hawk.

The last person she expected to see at this moment in her life. The last man she expected, or wanted, to see ever again. Before, or after, death. God wouldn’t be so cruel as to put her and the deceitful bastard in the same part of heaven.

Well, there was nothing for it. He was here and it would only be a matter of seconds before he convinced the officials holding him off the bridge into letting hime for her.

She faced forward again, spread her arms like wings and let her body fall forward as the sound of Sebastian’s roar echoed off the ravine’s rocky walls.

Soaring through the air like a bird diving for its prey, memories from eight years before flooded...