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Forever and Ever, My Greek Billionaire

Forever and Ever, My Greek Billionaire

Description : Forever and Ever, My Greek Billionaire
Bending down to give her shoelaces one last yank, making sure they were tied tightly, Willow straightened and clicked Play on her watch.

As light but soulful music floated into her ears, she put her hood up and began to jog.

Her feet pounded on the street, unconsciously falling in rhythm with the beats of the song and the drops of water hitting the pavement. The world was a haze, people, objects, and structures reduced into a mixture of blurry colors that her tear-filled eyes couldn’t quiteprehend.

She kept running, freely, unthinkingly.

Or at least she thought it was so until Willow realized where her feet had taken her. A café, empty now because of the storm that threatened to make its way across the Mediterranean.

Willow stumbled to a stop.

Rain continued to pour around her, making the café’s interior indistinct. She pressed her hands to her eyes, but it was no use. She could see just fine with her mind, lost as she was in the memories.

Stavros was seated in front of her, a look of puzzlement in his eyes as he asked, ‘I thought you were ordering for both of us?’

She remembered how beautiful he looked, especially when he had that bemused expression on his face, which almost no one was able to see. She remembered her heart racing at the look, and her heart started to race now.

‘I did.’ That had been her answer, and she remembered smiling slyly as she dropped the bomb on Stavros. ‘We’re sharing.’

And, oh, the look on his face when he heard the words – it was as if...