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Forever With Me

Forever With Me

Description : Forever With Me
“Wake up, sweetheart.”

What the—?

Soft lips skim down my neck to my collarbone, making me moan and arch my back. A strong hand pulls me from my side to my back and those lips slide back up my neck to that spot right behind my ear that makes every nerve in my bodye alive.

“What are you doing?” My fingers find their way into his thick, dark hair as I feel him grin against my skin. My nipples pucker almost painfully. His body is deliciously firm and warm next to me. I manage to open my heavy eyes to find Dominic smiling down at me, those ice blue eyes of his glowing in the moonlight.

“I think it’s pretty obvious what I’m doing, bella.” He cups my face in his large hands and lowers his lips to mine, kissing me gently at first, his lips sliding back and forth across mine, and then he settles against me, one leg planted between both of my thighs, his hard thigh pressing against the center of my universe with just enough pressure to make my hips tilt up against him, and he lays the sexiest kiss I’ve ever had on me. He tastes like wine and mint and sexy man. He’s devouring me in the most delicious way.

I knew Dominic Salvatore would be an excellent kisser.

My hands roam from his soft hair down to his shoulders and arms…his impossibly chiseled, strong arms.

“Don’t tell me no, bella.” His voice is rough as he kisses his way down my chest to one breast where he pulls my...

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