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Giving Chase

Giving Chase

Description : Giving Chase
Friday night in Petal. Half the town—that is, those citizens sixty and under—were gathered inside The Pumphouse seeking refuge from the rain and enjoying three dollar pitchers of beer and burgers. The crowd noise was so loud, whatever song playing on the jukebox was indistinguishable. Still, Maggie, Dee and Liv sat at their usual table—the one by the window—so they could watch the goings on, They’d sat there, every Friday night, for the last four years. It should have seemed mundane, boring, but it was the time when each of the friends got to reconnect after a long week and it was a bright spot instead.

But the usually happy Maggie sighed into her beer before taking the last drink and setting her empty glass down on the table.

“So, I finally broke up with Sam. It’s definitely over.”

With an inelegant snort, Liv tried to catch the server’s eye to order another pitcher. “Maggie, honey, it’s been over for at least a month now. You just haven’t been willing to admit it to yourself. And heaven knows our manners were too good to break it to you.” It was Maggie’s turn to snort at that.

Stifling a grin, Liv continued. “Anyway, he’s an ass. He’s been an ass since the fifth grade. You’re too good for him.”

“Way too good for him. He needs a momma, not a girlfriend.” Dee’s nose wrinkled in disgust.

“Well, the problem is this town is just too damned small! Who’ve I got to choose from? And let’s keep it men between twenty-two and fifty who aren’t married, living with his mother or g*y.” Maggie handed a five over to Patrick for the beer and began to pour out for everyone. “Keep the change, sugar.” She winked, getting a cheeky grin in return before...