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Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel

Description : Guardian Angel

The numbers on theputer screen in front of me were not making the headache I had any better. Nope. Not even a little. Sighing, I closed my laptop and pushed it across the kitchen table, hoping that with a little distance the numbers that had been sadly low and represented the amount currently in my bank account would magically increase. Or at the least, make my head feel a little better.

Neither happened. Figures.

“Fudge,” I grumbled as I stood and moved toward the pot of coffee I’d made before sitting down to look over my finances.

As I took a small sip of the strong black coffee I tried to keep my chin from trembling. I’d been living with the Hannigans for over two months now, and they all seemed to like me. I adored them, felt safe with them. They were the closest thing to a family I’d had since my mother’s death.

But I couldn’t stay here anymore. It was slowly killing me to sleep in the same bed with a man who I was seriously infatuated with—damn it, who I was falling in love with. At first I’d tried to ignore how I felt, how much I’d started caring about the man who had saved me from a fate that most would consider worse than death. I’d even put it down to some crazy hero worship. But I hated lying, especially to myself. I was definitely falling in love with Hawk Hannigan.

So when he came home and fell into bed beside me smelling like cheap perfume mixed with his usual after-work scents of sweat, smoke, and booze, my heart would crack open a little more. Last night had been one of those nights when he smelled like that. The scents had been nearly overpowering for me as he’d fallen into bed behind me and pulled me against him, too tired to take a shower before falling asleep.

I’d lain there, calling myself a...

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