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Hard to Love You

Hard to Love You

Description : Hard to Love You
No one wants to go home for spring break; and we’ve all waited too long to book flights to Cancun, so we’re doing the next best thing. Our best friend’s roommates are having a party tonight and have invited all of us to go. He says the locals stay around for it, like some kind of tradition. I don’t really give a shit where we go as long as it’s out of this god damn dorm room.

I finish my run and head upstairs for a quick shower. By the time I shut off the water I can already hear the thumping of the music. The medicine cabinet starts rattling and the toothbrush holder is about to fall off the sink.

“Come on, let’s go. The party is starting.” Someone bangs on the door.

I dress quickly and hang the towel around my shoulders, grab my basketball shorts, socks and running shoes from the floor and open the door. As I walk down the hallway I pass a few people already making out. Damn, they don’t waste any time. I open the door to the room I’m staying in and throw my dirty clothes and shoes in my bag.

I pick up the key that’s been left for me on the dresser and make sure to lock the door behind me. As I’m making my way downstairs, the front door swings open and two guys wearing football jerseys walk in with a keg on each of their shoulders. A few girls follow them. A blonde catches my attention, she looks a little young but her body is smoking hot. I follow her with my eyes as she moves after the guys into the kitchen.

Perfect. The kitchen is right where I’m heading. I fight my way through the crowd and hear someone calling my name.

“Finally, pretty boy. Took you f**king long enough.”

Before I can respond, I’m being introduced to one of the keg carrying guys.

“This is one of my boys from back home....

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