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Having the Billionaire's Baby

Having the Billionaire's Baby

Description : Having the Billionaire's Baby
L ife is too short for this. Callie Jamieson stepped onto the dimly lit balcony and let the plate glass door swing closed behind her, gladly trading the glitz of the New Year’s Eve wedding reception for the silent reflection of lights on Sydney’s Darling Harbor.

Relaxing her grip on her champagne flute, she moved away from the pulsing beat of the music to the shadowy corner that offered not only the most privacy, but the best view of the glistening water. She shook her head and allowed herself a smile. What had she been trying to prove? The exercise regime, the new dress, new hairstyle. And at the end of it all she’d rather be walking barefoot along the water’s edge. Alone.

She made her resolution then and there. Stop searching for a future or wallowing in the mistakes of her past, and start enjoying the present.

The music washed louder over her and she tensed with the knowledge that someone else hade onto the balcony. She stayed still, facing the water, hoping that the night and the slender potted palms positioned in front of the handrail would screen her from the casual observer.

“Rosa wanted me to call.” A deep, resonant voice carried to her. “She insisted I do it right now. So, how’s it going?” There was a long pause. “Congratulations. I guess we really do have to excuse you for not making it to the wedding.” Did she imagine the catch of emotion in that warm voice? Curiosity got the better of her and Callie turned her head. A man stood midway along the balcony. With the light behind him, the only...