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Heart of the Billionaire ~ Sam

Heart of the Billionaire ~ Sam

Description : Heart of the Billionaire ~ Sam
September 15, 1996

HE sat next to me again today. I have to assume it’s just a coincidence, because I can’t imagine why he would want to sit next to me or give me one of his incredible smiles that appeared to light up the rather dreary room of our college English Literature class. I’m not sure if I’m happy or not about the fact that he sat right beside me. Honestly, I had to look around to see exactly who he was smiling at. Certainly not me. Not Madeline Reynolds, the plain red-headed woman with the dorky glasses and too much meat on her bones. But there was nobody else in the room at the time, so I suppose he must have been smiling at me. I didn’t smile back. And I had a very hard time focusing on the classics with HIM sitting next to me.

September 16, 1996

HIS name is Sam Hudson. He introduced himself today. The man makes my palms damp and my mouth go as dry as the desert the moment I see him. When he reached out his hand today and introduced himself, I had to wipe my hand on my jeans before I stammered my name to him like aplete idiot. He was flashing that smile at me again and I wentpletely brain dead, unable to find even one intelligent thing to say to him. Why does he have to be so handsome…and tall? Everything about the man is just…too much. Maybe tomorrow he’ll sit next to someone else. I almost hope he does. He makes me too nervous. There’s something strange about a handsome guy paying attention to me with so many other gorgeous women in the same classroom.

September 17, 1996

Sam caught up to me tonight after class to ask me if I wanted to study with him....