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Her Viking Wolf

Her Viking Wolf

Description : Her Viking Wolf
“SO have you thought about what you’re going to wear on your first heat night?” Rafe asked Chloe as they climbed up King’s Trail, their boots crunching in the freshly driven snow.

Despite the frigid mountain air, Chloe’s cheeks went hot with embarrassment. “No,” she answered, keeping her voice as neutral as possible, so as not to betray how ufortable this subject made her. “Have you?”

Rafe slid her the most wicked of grins. “I’m thinking red lace, maybe some of those black garters. If you give me your measurements, I can put in an order online and have exactly what I want to see you in sent over to your place.”

At that moment, Chloe was grateful for the darkness of her skin, because she could feel her initial blush spreading over her entire body. And this despite the fact she was wearing little more than her favorite hand-knitted sweater over one of the many long prairie dresses she’d also made herself and favored even when she wasn’t filming episodes of Black Mountain Woman. Why did having these kinds of conversations with Rafe always make her so uneasy? He wasn’t just her fiancé, he was also her best friend—really her only truly close friend offline—and she’d be accustomed to bringing all of her problems to him.

But of course, she couldn’t tell him how ufortable it made her to talk with him about anything of a sexual nature. Was this how all she-wolves who hadn’t gone into heat felt about the subject of sex? If she were a normal person, she would go to the internet with her problem. Find a forum of similar women with a similar issue. Or maybe she’d consult one of her Black Mountain Woman fans. Many of them hade to feel like real friends over the three years she’d hosted her blog and...