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Here Kitty, Kitty!

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Description : Here Kitty, Kitty!
He didn’t actually see the wall until he walked into it.

“Dang, Nik. You okay?” His brothers could at least have the decency to hold off laughing at him until they made sure he hadn’t caused any real damage.

He rubbed his forehead, “Yeah. I’m fine.”

Better than fine. With a woman like that in his sights… he took control of himself. He had to. He suddenly had the overwhelming desire to shift and run her down like a red deer.

He walked toward her. She reeked of dog, but it wasn’t her. No, to his huge disappointment, he realized she was human. He thought for sure she had to be cat, with the way she moved and all. Leopard or panther. Something other than just another boring human female.

She leaned back in her chair, a martini in her hand. She crossed her legs and both his brothers groaned.

“Oh, man. Who the hell is that?”

His brother Bannik chuckled, “Mine, little brother.”

Nik ignored them both, instead letting them argue so that he could focus his attention on the conversation between the woman and her itty-bitty friend.

“Fine. You wanna live life alone and bitter, be my guest.”

“Trust me. Fucking the Viking isn’t going to change the living alone and bitter thing one bit.”

“Whatever.” A boarding announcement rolled through the terminal and the woman cocked her head to listen. “Come on, sassy girl. Let’s get your ass on a plane.”

She finished her drink and carefully placed the glass down on the table. Nik took two long steps toward her. She pushed back her chair and stood up, slamming right into his chest. Her hair slid across the hand he had holding on to the strap of his bag. He immediately saw that hair trailing across his...

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