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Highland Destiny

Highland Destiny

Description : Highland Destiny
Scotland- present day 2010

It was the same dream. Mackenzie was exhausted and jet lagged, and had figured she"d sleep like the dead, but it was the same dream. There was nothing remotely frightening about it, but she still woke afraid. Every time. It felt too real. The man was too real. He had cold blue eyes and blond hair and glared at her from across a crowded room. People danced in colorful costumes, but she never could make out anyone"s face…all she could see was the anger and hate radiating from the man with the blue eyes. And she was drawn to him like a magnet to steel.

She"d been having the same dream since she was a teenager, but it still left her with that familiar feeling of fear when she woke. Today, Mackenzie woke up in an unfamiliar room, and to the misty grey light of a Scottish morning. Scotland! She was on vacation in Scotland! How could she possibly have forgotten that? The joy of her vacation released her from the annoying fear of a non- nightmare. That"s what she"d taken to calling the dream, for it wasn"t really a dream, but neither was it a nightmare. The excitement was apparently too much for her best friend Jenna, who was in the neighboring suite, because she knocked, well banged, really, on the door and hollered,

“Wake up Sleeping Beauty! Don"t make me drag you out of bed!!! Our tour of the castle starts in less than ten minutes! Did you know that they"ve filmed movies at this castle? I want...

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