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Highlander's Captive

Highlander's Captive

Description : Highlander's Captive
“Where is Dawn?” Cree demanded so loudly that every warrior in the Great Hall turned silent and stared at him. He had not seen her since late last night when Sloan hade to their bedchamber to inform him that his sister Wintra had been abducted. He had ordered Dawn to bed and left before making sure she had obeyed him, something she rarely did.

He had been busy with plans to go after his sister and kill the idiot bastard who had unwisely abducted her. Thoughts of Dawn had drifted in and out of his mind throughout the night and he had imagined her tucked safely in their bed sleeping. But sunrise usually found her up and about, after they , which they did often, and was what he wished they were doing right now. Of course it would be a quick coupling, but no less satisfying. It never was with Dawn, even though she could not speak a word. It still amazed him that she had survived since birth, nineteen years, without being able to utter a sound. Not a peep, a squeak, or moan, could she manage. Nothing. Yet to him, he could hear her clearly in her gestures, even more clearly now that he waspletely and madly in love with her—damn it.

He had never expected to fall in love. He had expected to take a wife and have her produce heirs. Love had never been a consideration. He had had no time for it. Yet this voiceless woman had stolen his heart and he didn’t want it back. It was hers to keep forever just as her heart—all of her—belonged to him. He growled low at his foolish musings....

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