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His Billion Dollar Baby

His Billion Dollar Baby

Description : His Billion Dollar Baby
Gwen Radley sat in the front seat of her Honda Civic clutching Ben’s obituary. She’d worried over it so much, the newsprint smudged her fingertips. Jenkins and Sons Funeral Home and Mortuary was just yards away, across the already full parking lot.

She could do this. All she had to do was open the door, force her legs to move toward the building, then slip in unnoticed. It should be easy enough. By now there had to be at least a hundred people inside, grieving the fallen soldier. She’d pay her respects, whisper her secret to Ben as she slipped the sonogram photo under his clasped hands, and sneak out, no one the wiser.

Seizing the door handle, she drew a deep breath as her heart thudded in her chest. This wasn’t the way she was supposed to see Ben again. In her head, she’d planned to meet up a few months from now when he was home on leave, healthy and whole and not her former patient. She’d accidentally-on-purpose bump into him, give him a glimpse of her swollen belly and let the conversation go from there. Of course, she’d make it clear she had no expectations. How could she? They were friends, nothing more, save for their crazy one-night encounter the evening before he returned to Afghanistan. It wasn’t as if they were in a relationship, or had planned to share their lives together. She’d expected to raise the baby on her own, but he deserved to know they’d created a life.

At least that’s how it was supposed to happen.

Gwen squelched the sob rising in her throat. She’d never speak to Ben again, hear his ringing...