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His Possession

His Possession

Description : His Possession
For Cadeon, walking into his office shouldn’t have given him any cause for concern. He owned his own business and took pride in the work he did. His suit was pressed. He looked every part of the dominating man that he was.

The receptionist smiled at him. He knew she wanted a piece of him. Most women did. At thirty-nine he wasn’t looking for a casual relationship. When he needed sex, he called one of his many women to amodate him. He never mixed business with pleasure, and there would be no way he’d take a woman from the office home. His tastes ran to the extreme, and he liked to keep his private life private.

Ignoring the woman, he moved passed the visitors’ area and went straight to the elevator. Briefcase in hand, he stood alone as it travelled up to the top floor. The doors opened.

He stopped. Standing outside the elevator door stood a woman. Smaller than he, she would onlye to his chest. She didn’t look at him. Her eyes stared at the floor. Cadeon felt like he’d been punched in the gut. Her brown hair was tucked into a long ponytail. Men walked behind her, and he noted the stares she was getting. He glanced up and down the corridor.

She looked up, and he fell hard. It was like all of his tomorrows were rolled up into one package. The woman standing before him was the one. He knew it more than he knew what he wanted to eat for lunch.

“A-are you getting off?” she asked.

Staring at her lips, Cadeon heard her voice, but her words didn’t register.

“What’s your name?”...