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Holding Out

Holding Out

Description : Holding Out
I was enjoying the walk home in the afternoon sun. My boss had an assignment and she kindly gave me the rest of the day off. Maya, my six-year-old, was attending the school sleepover for her grade. I picked myself up some chocolate, a DVD, a bottle of wine, and Chinese takeout for dinner. Even better, my best friend, Deanna wasing over later to help me make the most of my relaxing night in.

I rounded the corner to my street and froze. My annoying, but too-hot-to-touch neighbor was standing out front of my other next door neighbor's house talking to Miss Bootylicious—the Campbell's nineteen-year-old daughter, Karen. I hung my head, ready to stride past, humming a tune along the way to cover their voices. Still, her high cackle broke through, as irritating as always. I was close to freedom and just past them, while deafening myself with my out of tune hum; when someone grabbed my arm and spun me back around.

“Kitten,” Talon said.

My eyes closed on their own accord to cherish the sound. It happened every time I heard his deep grumble of a voice.

“Uh, what? Oh, Talon?” I blushed and bit my bottom lip.

He laughed. “I asked where Maya was.”

“Oh, um, she's at school. Her class is having a sleepover,” I informed him. Though I didn't know why.

“Right. So...” he began, but stopped to look into my shopping bags. “We're watching 27 Dresses, eating Chinese, and drinking wine. Sounds like a plan. What time do you want me toe over? I could bring dessert.” He grinned mischievously.

I looked around him to Karen. She huffed something and stomped off. I then turned my gaze back to hunk'o'saurus and his messy, needs-a-cut black hair and dark brown eyes.

I'll never forget the day I moved onto the street and into...