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How Not To Be Seduced By Billionaires

How Not To Be Seduced By Billionaires

Description : How Not To Be Seduced By Billionaires
‘Holy shit’ are not the best words to say

when you see how gorgeous your billionaire is for the first time.

He will want to fuck you after that.

“Oh God, I’m going to be, like, super late.”

I threw Alyx a look of horror before returning my gaze to the digital display of the elevator, wishing there was a way I could have it speed up. If I ever survived today’s job interview alive, I must remember to write to the CEO of Ferrari. He should know that people who were pathologically late like me needed his help. He just had to create a sports car version for elevators.

“Stop panicking.” Alyx rolled her eyes as she spoke. She sort of did it all the time, actually, making you unable to figure out when she was being sincere or sarcastic.

Alyx continued, “Anypany would love to have you, Yanna.”

Like now.

“Shut up. I know you’re lying.”

“I’m not.” Her voice still had that eye-roll-tone so I couldn’t quite make up my mind if she really did mean it. We had been friends since our kindergarten days, but this one just plain eluded me all these years. I had long decided that this quirk of Alyx was truly something only her own Mr. Right could figure out. I told her as much but Alyx had just laughed and called me a “romantic”. Personally, I thought what she really wanted...

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