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I Adored a Lord

I Adored a Lord

Description : I Adored a Lord
For Darlin

Dearest Reader

My first love in fiction is a beautifully written romance. If that romance includes a bit of high adventure, then I am in alt. I also happen to adore mysteries set in country mansions and remote castles, especially murder mysteries. So when Ravenna Caulfield, the free-spirited youngest sister among my Prince Catchers, suggested to me that she was eager for that sort of harrowing fun, I weed the opportunity to write it. Packing up my fuzzy sweaters and woolen socks, I headed off to the mountains of France.

France, you say? Why France? Well, I supposed that if Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot, a Belgian, could solve mysteries in England, then my English heroine could solve a mystery in France. N’est-ce pas? And I had a hunch that where I was heading I would find the ideal inspiration.

Quel success! Traveling southeast from Paris, I stopped just short of Switzerland in one of the most poetically beautiful regions of a beautiful country: the Franche-Comté. Here the ancient Jura Mountains descend into valleys bathed in sunshine and blanketed with vineyards. In this paradise I sampled morsels of Comte, a delectably mellow hard cheese, washed down with the famous yellow wine of the region. I dipped crusts of crunchy bread into bubbling, steaming fondue pots and savored mouthwatering plum tarts while looking out upon medieval churches and eighteenth-century chateaux. I studied the stairwells, furnishings, bedchambers, parlors, stables, carriage houses, even the plumbing of glorious mansions where princes and princesses once dwelt, and...

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