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I Choose You

I Choose You

Description : I Choose You
T. Nelson

Angel’s Feather

His name was Trevillo Marco-Dean Nelson.

And he was a hellion.

Okay, okay, he wasn’t really a hellion. But people tended to refer to him as such; he merely acknowledged it being said.

Rakehell, miscreant, asshole, Devil Boy were just a few of the disparaging names he’d been dubbed. For the life of him, though, he couldn’t understand why.

He wasn’t a bad person. Not to himself, at least. He was an extremely wealthy man who provided jobs and opportunities for a decent living for thousands of people around the globe. He governed incalculable charities, fed the poor, clothed the unclothed, and helped the underprivileged. For heaven’s sake, he rebuilt an entire parish after that bitch of a hurricane twirled her destructive little skirt tail across several states and uprooted a vast amount of lives and homes. Talk about ‘home-wrecker’.

So, you see? He wasn’t too bad. Actually, he considered himself as normal as any other human being.

There were just two (2, dos) small (teeny, tiny) defects of his — or unredeemable habits, one could say, that made truly normal people deem him rotten:

One, he fucking swore a lot.

Two, he was a proud enabler of adultery and consciously steered clear of any female sector whose ages were below his on the calendar.