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Description : Impulse
“That’s a nasty bruise you have there,” Chris Lander called out from across the trailer.

Jillian Finnegan studied the bluish patch of skin on her right shoulder, a memento from last night. Several more covered her and thighs, but the body suit hid them. Her gaze connected with her partner-in-crime—Chris Lander, the genius who hid her bruises so no one noticed them.

“They don’t hurt,” Jillian said a tad defensively as she adjusted her robe.

“Of course,” Chris mumbled through clenched teeth, reaching for his “special” bag.

“You’re not going to lecture me again?”

“What good would that do?” Jaw set, Chris joined her. “You’re stubborn and blindly loyal. If the studio finds out the cause of those bruises…” He pushed the robe aside and started applying base color on her shoulder.

She and Chris were Hollywood’s dynamic duo—the brilliant stunt coordinator and his most daring stuntwoman. In the past seven years, Jillian had doubled for many female action stars under Chris’ watchful eyes. If the studio learned about her nocturnal activities, she would be out of a job. She had a contract that forbade extracurricular stunts, which she’d breached this past week.

“I couldn’t say no,” Jillian said. “They’re family.”

“The stunts they pull are dangerous, Jill. They cut too many corners to thrill the crowd. Let them hire a substitute...