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In Your Corner

In Your Corner

Description : In Your Corner


In the five seconds it takes James P. Farnsworth III, managing partner of Farnsworth & Tillman, LLP, to step into my office, my life goes from happy to hell in a heartbeat.

“Good afternoon, sir. Is that a new suit? I’m guessing Armani, new label. And your tie, Italian silk, maybe Salvatore Ferragamo?”

I can do obsequious with the best of them.

Unfortunately, Farnsworth isn’t in a mood to be fawned over today. With a frown, he tosses a file folder on my desk and folds his arms, his biceps straining against the fine wool of his black suit jacket.

Farnsworth isn’t like most other law firm managing partners I know. No jowls or reddened cheeks from excess drinking at client functions. Not an ounce of fat around his tall, toned frame. His silvery-gray hair is impeccably styled, his skin overly tanned, and his jaw impossibly square. On the outside, he is undeniably handsome in a George Clooney kind of way.

“I hope you don’t have any plans for the next few months, Amanda.” His dark eyes gleam with the power of being able to ruin a junior associate’s life with a mere seven words. “I have a new case for you.”

“I live to serve, sir.” The firm motto slides off my tongue like a corked Merlot.

His thin lips twitch. “That’s what I like to hear.”

I’m guessing what he doesn’t want to hear is that I already have twenty-six cases on the go, as well as ten secret pro bono files for themunity legal aid clinic I just can’t give up. If not for the twenty-four-hour cafeteria and coffin-like sleeping pods Farnsworth & Tillman graciously provides for its associates, I wouldn’t be able to manage.

Farnsworth rakes his eyes over my body,...