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Just Friends

Just Friends

Description : Just Friends
Leah Jones threw herself down on the sofa with her bowl of potato chips. They were spicy, and she needed the heat to rid her mind of the awful date she’d been on. Chocolate ice-cream would have been preferable, but Mitch had clearly forgotten to get the groceries for the week. She shared an apartment with her two friends, Mitch Fields and Chase Lawson. They were currently watching football with a couple of beers in their hands.

“You’re back early,” Mitch said.

She glared at him and went back for more chips.

“Did Guy not match up to your expectations?” Chase asked.

Guy was the name of her date. Leah refused to talk to them. Both men were hot as hell and never struggled with finding women. She hated dating, and living with two of the sexiest men in the world made it even harder. It was hard to realise she had a life when she was more than happy to spend her time with both men in the apartment they rented out together.

“I bet he said something to piss her off,” Mitch said, chugging down some beer.

“He didn’t say anything.” She lied. The chips were losing their appeal. Her tongue felt like it was on fire from the excess chili.

“I thought you’d be out for most of the night. Or at least be going back to his place for a fuck,” Chase said.

Leah felt the blush fill her cheeks. Out of both of her friends, Chase was the cruder of the two. He said what he liked and didn’t care what others thought of him. Mitch, on the other...