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Kept by the Spanish Billionaire

Kept by the Spanish Billionaire

Description : Kept by the Spanish Billionaire
RAFAEL VIVES wasn’t sure whether to be amused, irritated, bored or downright enraged at the situation in which he now found himself. For a man whose raison d’être was his work, the mistress without rival, to be trapped in paradise for ten days on a babysitting mission was enough to make his teeth snap together in frustration. Even his twenty-four-hour accessory, his faithful laptopputer without which he would have been truly lost, could not make him forget that his stay at his mother’s house in the Hamptons had not been of his choosing.

Fortunately, at the time, he had been on his New York stint, so the physical inconvenience had been lessened considerably, but, close though his office was, he had been asked, rather told, by his mother that he was to ‘stay put and keep an eye on his brother’. He suspected that she knew him well enough to know that the minute he set foot into his office, that massive glass monster in Lower Manhattan, his mission to ‘keep an eye on James, you know what he can be like’ would bepletely forgotten.

Her original plan had been for him to join in James’s house party, amendable reward to select employees in London and New York by way of celebrating one year’s worth of substantial profit for thepany.

Rafael didn’t know if he or James had been more averse to the idea.

From James’s point of view, one which he shared with candid horror, the idea of Rafael, as he put it, ‘glowering...