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King's Million-Dollar Secret

King's Million-Dollar Secret

Description : King's Million-Dollar Secret
Rafe King liked a friendly wager as much as the next guy.

He just didn’t like to lose.

When he lost though, he paid up. Which was why he was standing in a driveway, sipping a cup of coffee, waiting for the rest of the work crew to show up. As one of the owners of King Construction, it had been a few years since Rafe had actually done any on-site work. Usually, he was the details man, getting parts ordered, supplies delivered. He stayed on top of the million and one jobs thepany had going at any one time and trusted the contractors to get the work done right.

Now though, thanks to one bet gone bad, he’d be working on this job himself for the next few weeks.

A silver pickup truck towing a small, enclosed trailer pulled in behind him and Rafe slanted his gaze at the driver. Joe Hanna. Contractor. Friend. And the man who’d instigated the bet Rafe had lost.

Joe climbed out of his truck, barely managing to hide a smile. “Hardly knew you without the suit you’re usually wearing.”

“Funny.” Most of his life, Rafe hadn’t done the suit thing. Actually, he was morefortable dressed as he was now, in faded jeans, black work boots and a black T-shirt with King Construction stamped across the back. “You’re late.”

“No, I’m not. You’re early.” Joe sipped at his own coffee and handed over a bag. “Want a doughnut?”

“Sure.” Rafe dug in, came up with a jelly-filled and polished it off in a few huge bites. “Where’s everyone else?”

“We don’t start work until eight a.m. They’ve still got a half hour.”

“If they were here now, they could start setting up, so they could start working at eight.” Rafe turned his gaze to the California bungalow...