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Kiss Me Like This

Kiss Me Like This

Description : Kiss Me Like This
Serena Britten had dreamed of this forever.

Not bright lights and designer dresses and fame and meeting rock stars...but an enormous library with more books than she could possibly get through even if she stayed right here for an entire lifetime and just read and read and read. In the past two weeks, Green Library had be her absolute favorite place on earth, with its endless shelves of books.

Oh yes, she thought as she smiled and ran her fingertips over the spines of the books nearest to her, it really was just wonderful.

At 9:45 on a Friday night on the Stanford University campus, there weren’t many other students in the library. In fact, as she emerged from between the stacks, it didn’t actually look like there were any other students here. Just Serena and the woman behind the privileges desk who was looking at her watch, obviously waiting for her to leave so that she could close everything up and start her weekend.

Serena checked out the three great new books she’d found, then took a baseball cap out of her bag and put it on, tucking her long hair up into it. Due to the Indian summer in Northern California over the past couple of weeks, it was still fairly warm, but since it was too dark out to wear sunglasses, putting on a hat and a shapeless Cardinals sweatshirt helped increase the odds that she could walk past people unnoticed, particularly any paparazzi who might be lurking in the shadows. She was used to strangers wanting to take pictures with her, and most of the time they were really nice. It was just that sometimes guys made her feel ufortable by standing a little too close or by making borderline dirtyments about pictures they’d seen of her.

If only she could wear a disguise in her History and Theory of the Novel class. Her professor, Dr. Julian Fairworth, had actually made...

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