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Knight & Play

Knight & Play

Description : Knight & Play
“How can I make my CV more interesting, Kara? Even I wouldn’t employ me if this landed on my desk.” Sophie sighed and flipped the paper around on the small café table for her friend to read.

“So sex it up a bit, then. Everyone does it.” Kara ripped the top off a packet of sugar and shook it over the froth on her cappuccino. She scanned the CV as she twirled the long wooden stirrer around in her cup. “Take this sentence here. You say: I have worked as a personal assistant for ten years for apany director.”

Sophie shrugged. “Well I have.”

“Yes, I know that,” Kara said, as if she were talking to a child. “But you have to make it sound cooler. Sexier. More fun.”

“It isn’t cool,” Sophie snorted. “Or sexy. Or fun. I spend most of my time typing up estimates for double glazing and fending off Derek’s wandering hands.”

“Work with me here, Soph,” Kara sighed. “What’s the job you’re applying for?”

“Another manager’s PA role, but it’s a much biggerpany.”

“Another building firm?”

“Umm, no.” Sophie stalled.

“Well what do they do, then? We can tailor your CV to whatever their business is.”

Sophie leaned in and lowered her voice so that no one else in the café would overhear. “It’s in the adult entertainment industry.”

Kara’s dark eyebrows shot into her heavy fringe as she started to laugh. “Holy cow, Soph! That’s some career move. Does Dan know?”

Sophie shook her head. Dan was away for a couple of days on business yet again, and it somehow hadn’t felt appropriate to tell him about the job advert over the phone. She...