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Knowing his Secret

Knowing his Secret

Description : Knowing his Secret
If I had known at the beginning, I might not have gotten lost in him. I might have known better than to hang all my promise and all my dreams on a man who was made like Tristan. I could have resisted the black-hole pull of him if someone had whispered in my ear and told me.

I would have ignored the appeal of his impressive intellect and laughed a little less at his thorny sarcastic wit. I might not have let his satiny voice tickle my ears or tried to put a name to the scent of male that followed him around. Most of all I would have filed his dazzling smile and the exquisite face it occupied somewhere in the 'look but don't touch' drawer.

The first time I sat astride his leonine frame and felt him hard under me, I would have followed my instincts and gotten off of him. I wouldn't have let his frustration be enough to pull me back to his mouth. I wouldn't have let my fear of being dismissed altogether lead me to give in to his lust.

I let him claim my desire before I had the chance to consider what that meant to me, to my life. By the time I knew his secrets it was too late. He had bred my passion and ignited needs I never imagined.

He must have known I'd have the urge to run. That's why he wove my life into his so seamlessly. By the time I realized what the challenges were, it was too late. He had engineered the kind of life I had foolishly hoped for and made himself a hero in the bargain.


Jenn and I had been working the Berkshires every summer since our senior year in high school. There were always plenty of jobs--waitress, camp counselor, store clerk, park attendant, lifeguard--you name it, we'd done it. We were both from solidly middle class families and had grown up together in Brooklyn, New York. When it came time to go to college, it was natural for us to choose the same one. We couldn't imagine...