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Late Call

Late Call

Description : Late Call
This is taking forever.

It doesn’t matter how selective you are, how tight you squeeze, or how fast you go. There’s always one that’ll take longer toe than everyone else you know. It doesn’t happen often and they definitely don’t go on my regular client list. I get paid for this but I sure as shit don’t have the patience to bounce on some guy until he decides he wants to shoot his load.

He grunts and groans beneath me, his lazy thrusts no match for my desperate ones. Jesus f**king Christ, will youe already?

I steal a look at the clock on the hotel nightstand. Five minutes left. Time to end this. I cringe and creep my hand around his thigh to his backside. God, I hate this part. I squeeze his c**k at the same time I slip my finger in his ass**le—

“Oh god!”

And there it is.

I give him a saucy wink and get off of him. Finally. I’ve been on top of him so long my legs have forgotten how to work, but he paid for an hour so an hour is all he’s gonna get.

There are four golden rules in this business. Every escort I know abides by them. At all times. They’re non-negotiable. Ironclad. Set in friggin’ stone.

Get the money first.

Don’t go over the time.

Don’t fall for your client.

And no freaking sob stories.

Unfortunately for me, that last rule is one no one bothered to tell this guy. I’d barely tucked the envelope full of his money into my purse before he started telling me about his pregnant wife who isn’t up for sex.

Hey—don’t judge me. This is my job, and if a guy chooses to cheat on his wife with me, then that’s his deal. There’s a reason I don’t ask personal questions, and that’s it. Getting names and shit is what I pay my...