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Love Letters From a Duke

Love Letters From a Duke

Description : Love Letters From a Duke
June 4, 1810

The Most Hon. the Marquess of Standon

Bythorne Castle, Westmoreland

My Lord Marquess,

If you would but spare me a moment of patience and allow me to introduce myself, I think you will find my forting proposition quite amenable. My name is Miss Felicity Langley and I will graduate in a year from Miss Emery’s Establishment for the Education of Genteel Ladies. A mutual friend of ours, Lord John Tremont, suggested I write to you and propose that we consider uniting in marriage—that is, once I’ve finished a brilliant Season. You see, I have every intention of marrying a duke, and Jack thought you might prove a likely candidate despite the fact that you have yet to inherit from your grandfather. Speaking of your esteemed grandsire, how is his health…?

—An extract from Felicity Langley’s correspondence to the Marquess of Standon

The Duke of Hollindrake’s secretary laughed out loud.

This was notable for two reasons: No one ever laughed in front of the imposing and impossibly ill-tempered duke, and, who would have ever thought that his straight-backed, pinched-nosed, impeccably mannered secretary, Mr. Gibbens, even knew how?

And then he laughed again. Guffawed, really. Out loud and much to his employer’s chagrin.

“Whatever hase over you, Gibbens? Have you gone mad?” the duke barked across the wide desk separating...

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