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Description : Marked
Twenty-one years ago

Janie snuggled down in her bed, her four-year-old arms wrapped around her favorite stuffed bear. Mr. Mullet snuggled right back, although he didn’t move much. Probably so she could get some sleep and see what wasing. Her recent dreams promised their lives were about to change.

Janie’s dreams always came true.

In the next room, her mama slept quietly. Maybe Janie should warn her. But maybe not.

Bad people wereing, but so were good people. The ones with fangs. Especially the really big man with the golden eyes who she’d one day call daddy. She’d always wanted a daddy, and one with fangs would be nice.

But first, she had to dream again.

So she tightened her hold on Mr. Mullet and sank into a dream world. This one she’d created at the side of a sparkling lake way high up in the mountains. She left the water blue but made the surrounding trees purple.

She loved purple.

Glancing down, she straightened her favorite shirt. White with bright pink flowers in the front, it made her feel pretty. Maybe her new friend would like it, too.

He peered out from behind a tree.

She waved.

Even from across the small distance, she recognized his green eyes. Very deep green eyes. She’d been dreaming about him forever. Maybe even before she got borned.

He slowly stepped out of the trees and walked toward her, glancing all around. This close, he was a lot bigger than she’d thought, and had to be at least five years older than she was. Probably.

“This is a safe place. We’re both asleep,” she said.

He scratched his head, rumpling long black hair. “Who are you?”

“Janet,” she said. “You’re Zane.”

He stopped moving. “How do you know...