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Marriage Meltdown

Marriage Meltdown

Description : Marriage Meltdown
FROM an outsider’s point of view, Gina Tyson had the perfect marriage. Some days Gina could actually pretend it was. After all, she had a beautiful home right on the shoreline at Bondi, Sydney’s most famous and picturesque beach. She had three lovely children, two boys and a girl. She had a husband any woman would envy...on the surface. Not only was Reid tall, dark and dynamically handsome, he was wealthy enough to deal with life on his terms.

Nevertheless, surface was the key word. Her marriage was wonderfully smooth and shiny up-front. Underneath, Gina was going slowly mad with frustration. And behind the frustration was the gnawing fear that this was all she could ever expect with Reid—house, family and a token man at her side. Her husband lived his own life, which Gina felt was one step removed from her, even when he was with her. As now.

She had cooked his favourite dinner tonight—escallops of veal in white wine. He was enjoying it, too, at the other end of the table, not sharing his enjoyment with her. The intimate eye contact and appreciativements she craved were not forting. Indeed, none of the special effort she’d made was having the desired effect. Which was hardly a rmendation for the advice in the magazine articles on how to revitalise your marriage.

Her personal re-imaging was a miserable failure. If Reid had noticed any difference in her appearance, it was obviously irrelevant to him. He certainly hadn’t been sparked into seeing her as a newly desirable woman. Gina wondered if she should have been more daring.

She’d flirted...