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Married by Monday

Married by Monday

Description : Married by Monday
Getting married every single year was bing a pain in the ass. Especially for the maid of honor.

“I really didn’t think he was serious about a yearly wedding.” Eliza Havens fiddled with the edges of the yellow chiffon bridesmaid dress, which had entirely too many yards of material. The damn thing belonged on a slow talking southern belle,plete with parasol and white ribbons, not on her as she stood up for her best friend…again.

“It’s romantic,” Gwen offered.

“It’s stupid.”

Samantha and Blake were going on two years of marriage and already had little Eddie. At first when Blake announced he was going to marry Sam every year on their anniversary in a different state, Eliza had thought it was sweet. Now after a full week of non-stop wedding planning, she and Gwen, Blake’s sister, were sweating it out in San Antonio planning their big Texas-themed wedding. Except Gwen was English and entirely misguided about Texas. Where there should be cowboy hats and western flavor attire, everything had turned south. Deep south. More like a scene from Gone With the Wind than Dallas.

“Don’t fret, Eliza. They won’t all be this grand.” It took some time to get used to Gwen’s British accent, but Eliza was used to it now.

“I’m not fretting. I’m pissing and moaning. Get it right! Do you have any idea how hot these dresses are going to be outside in the smoldering heat?”

Gwen displayed perfect teeth as she smiled. She pivoted in a circle, reached into a large bag from the bridal knick-knack store they’d found the day before, and removed two white and gold folding lace fans. “I thought of that.”

Well, at least it isn’t a parasol.

Gwen handed her the fan and turned to...

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