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Marrying for King's Millions

Marrying for King's Millions

Description : Marrying for King's Millions
“No way. Sorry, Travis, I just can’t marry you.” Julie O’Hara leaned against the closed door and kept her voice pitched loud enough so that it would carry to the man on the other side.

Clearly, he heard her.

“Oh, yes you can,” he said, and even through the door, his voice was all steely determination. “Now cut the dramatics and open the damn door.”

Julie’s head dropped back against the door and she rolled her eyes to look at the high, beamed ceiling. Sunlight slanted in through the windows across the room and the golden wash from the sun created shadows on the walls that looked eerily like the bars on a cell.


She didn’t think so.

This was a huge mistake. She knew it down to her bones. The bad feeling that had been taking root inside her for the last month had suddenly blossomed into big, black flowers. Ooh, there was an image.

“Travis, think about this for a minute.”

“Not really the time for any more thinking, Julie,” he said. “The guests are here, the minister’s waiting and we are getting married.”

Her stomach did a slow pitch and roll and she clenched her teeth together and took a few deep breaths through her nose. Didn’t really help. How in the heck had she gotten herself into this? Julie’s eyes flew open when Travis King’s knuckles rapped on the door again and she looked around the room with a frantic gaze, futilely searching for an escape route.

But there wasn’t one and she knew it. She was trapped in this plush guest room in Travis’s castlelike house on the King Vineyard. Just like the rest of the house, it was gorgeous, elegant and so far away from her ordinary world she felt like a servant girl who’d sneaked into the mistress’s...