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Maximum Risk

Maximum Risk

Description : Maximum Risk
Tara Holmes folded her arms across her chest and leaned back against the front of her desk as Madison D’Argenson introduced herself. The woman couldn’t have looked more out of place in the downtown detective agency office, New Holmes. As Tara did with all potential clients, she’d performed a basic background check on the woman who sat before her. Madison was the daughter of one of New York’s wealthiest families, currently married to a well-known French chef, and had strong affiliations to the infamous Corisi family. There was only one reason a rich little princess like her would venture downtown to hire a private investigator: She suspects her husband is cheating.

In Tara’s experience, women who doubted their spouses enough to seek her services were correct ninety-nine percent of the time. Investigating matrimonial infidelity was what Tara did, and she was good at it. Not that it was difficult. Most men did very little to conceal their girlfriends when they were out of town. Proof was often as simple as a weekend of surveillance, a moderate amount of patience, and a telescopic photo lens.

Madison D’Argenson was, by far, the richest potential client Tara had ever met with. Evidence of her wealth was in the quality of the tailoring in the suit worn by the enormous bodyguard who stood behind her, physically blocking the door. The job might require traveling, but Tara was accustomed to adding that cost to her normal fees.

Madison sat on the well-worn chair in her Chanel suit with a smile on her face and clapped her hands. “I’ve never hired a private investigator before. This is kind of exciting.”

Tara frowned. Oh, honey, don’t look so happy. This almost never ends well. Hopefully the bubbly brunette had been smart enough to have her French husband sign a prenuptial,...