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Navy SEALs Complete Series

Navy SEALs Complete Series

Description : Navy SEALs Complete Series
Clint had been standing there for over an hour, hiding in the dark corner, watching her, trying to watch those around her, and wondering how the hell he was going to manage to convince her to lay low for a while. Morganna was stubborn as hell, and Reno had warned him that it wouldn’t be easy to convince her to give up her nightlife.

He frowned as he remembered his friend’s words. The subtle warning in Reno’s voice, the feeling that the other man suspected more than he was saying as he gave Clint the names of the clubs she frequented.

Did she have a lover? He watched the men who seemed to flock around her like wolves. She didn’t seem to pay attention to one more than the other, and as she ordered a drink from the waitress, he could have sworn he caught a glimpse of weariness in her face.

He grimaced at his overactive imagination. Morganna had been a social butterfly even before she came of age. She was one of those women perfectly at home in the middle of a crowd, finding her sense of purpose in the number of so-called friends she could gather around her at any one time.

It would drive him crazy. It was driving him crazy now, watching the men who were drawn to her like flies to honey, their hands...

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