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No Way Out

No Way Out

Description : No Way Out

Another brother laid in the ground. I fuckin’ hated this shit. Tank passed a week earlier, and we—his biker brethren—were learning, while sitting in the funeral home, that Tank had a lot of secrets.

And one such secret got him killed.

Another secret shocked the fuck outta all of us.

And that secret sat up at the front of the church, as the funeral director droned on and on about God, Tank and his life.

Tank was one man in the club who I didn’t get along with, but still, he was a brother, and I wanted to show my respect for that, which was why I was there.

It was no secret that Tank was shifty, rude, and a bastard to women. But still, he always had our backs, no matter the situation. He loved to party hard, fuck harder and live life on the edge.

Which was how he got himself killed.

Talon knew more about Tank. He was a friend of Tank’s, yet, he still didn’t know everything there was to know. It was obvious no one in our club did.

Or else someone would have known the fucker was married, and that he was leaving behind two teenage children.

The service finished and we all moved outside. I stood in a group with Talon, Wildcat, Griz, Deanna, Killer, Chatter, Blue and his woman, of a year, Clary.

“Did anyone know about her?” Blue asked.

A negative note was shared among us.

Looking over Griz’s shoulder, my eyes landed on her. Fuck, she was gorgeous. No, I didn’t know her at all, but hell, my body wanted to know her in more ways than one.

What a dick move. Thinking of fucking her just as she has put her husband to rest.

Not my fault, she’s stunning.

Licking my bottom lip, my eyes travelled over her body where she stood near the doors to the funeral home, as if she...