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Not Just the Greek's Wife

Not Just the Greek's Wife

Description : Not Just the Greek's Wife
EVEN in her exquisitely tailored designer suit, Chloe Spiridakou felt out of place in her ex-husband’s swank office waiting area.

Like their marriage, the classic pink tweed skirt and blazer were two years past their runway date and didn’t quite fit any longer. Stress and grief had taken their toll and peeled pounds she couldn’t afford to lose from her already willowy figure.

She’d never had the best relationship with food, but after leaving Greece, Chloe had found it nearly impossible to force herself to eat at all. Some days had gone by when she simply hadn’t.

But Rhea had stepped in, literally saving Chloe’s life. And Chloe wasn’t going to let her sister down now.

No matter how hard this meeting was for Chloe. No matter how ill-equipped she felt to deal with her ex-husband again.

It didn’t help that she felt awkward and unattractive. Rail-thin, she’d also hardly slept since making this appointment and had dark circles under her eyes to prove it.

Not that Ariston was likely to notice how she looked. The fact that he was seeing her at all was still hard to fathom. Chloe had the distinct feeling that somehow her sister had got it wrong. Ariston had made no move to contact her since the day she’d walked out on their marriage—not even to ask why she’d done it.

Rather par for the course in a relationship that was by turns scorchingly passionate and emotionally distant.

Her husband had been attentive in his own way, even borderline kind at times and definitely...