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Description : Obsidian
Dr. Allison Baker knew what it was like to lose patients. She’d sat next to them and held their hands as death hovered to take them away after their last breaths. It was part of the job and it came with the territory to understand that some battles couldn’t be won. It wasn’t something a textbook could teach but experience and loss had burned that lesson deep into her soul. It was why she’d left the hospital to be a member of the NSO medical staff. They represented hope and new life.

Her gaze flicked over the monitor readings and helplessness settled in. Her patient wasn’t improving but he wasn’t growing worse either. Limbo sucked. She gripped the cold metal railing that would prevent him rolling out of the clinic bed but it wasn’t needed. He didn’t move, wouldn’t wake, and hours had passed into days. Then weeks. Eventually months.

The male New Species had really long, silky black hair and it shone from being washed and brushed. She’d tenderly cared for it as if it were her own. Small, thin scars marred handsome, fierce features. His lips were really full and plush. His nose was a bit wide, a little flat, and his cheekbones jutted out, pronounced. Tape kept his eyes closed but she knew their chocolate-brown color well. Every day she removed it and hoped she’d see a response in his pupils. It hadn’t happened.

“Doc Alli?” The gruff male voice startled her.

She glanced over her shoulder at Destiny. He was a big primate Species with pretty brown eyes and really long eyelashes. He stepped into the room and his mouth curved downward.

“What’s up?”

“You shouldn’t be in here. You know the rules.”

Her focus returned to the man who lay meekly on a bed with tubes and needles attached to him....