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One Night Stand

One Night Stand

Description : One Night Stand
“You can still call me Mr. Tongue if you want.” He grinned at me and licked his lips deliberately, the tip of his tongue gliding back and forth, and reminding me of the night we’d spent together. The sinful night that I’d never forget. Only he wasn’t supposed to be here. In my parents’ house. Sitting on my couch. The couch I’d watched TV on for years. He wasn’t supposed to be talking to my parents. He wasn’t supposed to be looking so sexy. I didn’t even know his name.

One night stands are meant to be fun. They’re meant to be exciting. They’re meant to be adventurous experiments in lovemaking that don’t follow you home. I don’t consider myself a whore or cheap. I mean I have standards for the guys I want to date and hook up with. I even have a chart of things I look for in a guy. I don’t just drop my panties for any guy with a cute smile, handsome face and a wallet full of cash. I’ve slept with men that had no cash, missing teeth and even one that was prematurely balding, but they were all boyfriends. Yes, I’ve had questionable taste in men, but that’s a story for another day. One I’m not particularly proud of. In fact I still cringe when I remember the guy with the missing teeth going down on me. It made for an unusual experience.

I know you might not believe that I have standards now. Especially considering how quickly I dropped my panties for the mysterious stranger at my friends’ wedding. The mysterious stranger that was now standing in front of me. You might want to believe that I drop my panties for any man that asks, but trust me I don’t. Mr. Tongue was the exception to the rule. I dropped my panties without a second thought when I saw him. Well, actually that’s a bit of a lie. I didn’t exactly...

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