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One Night With a Hero

One Night With a Hero

Description : One Night With a Hero
Brady Scott ran down the Mount Vernon trail, the breeze off the Potomac River offering little relief from the late afternoon sun. The rush of blood through his ears, the rhythmic dull thud of silenced dog tags against his bare chest, the constant overhead roar of airplanes landing at Reagan National Airport—none of it was any use. He couldn’t get the therapist’s most recent assignment out of his head.

Get closure with your father.

Stationed back in the country three months with orders to get his head on straight if he wanted to go up for promotion, and it all came down to daddy issues.

Son of a bitch.

As if it wasn’t bad enough being forced to see a therapist. There was no making yourself okay with the things Joseph Scott had done. Every mark Brady’s little sister, Alyssa, had worn on her skin, every tear she’d spilled in fright, every wide-eyed help me gaze she’d ever thrown his way had sliced into Brady’s heart until he was certain it lay shredded in his chest. He’d been old enough to fight back and defend himself, but Alyssa never stood a chance against their dad.

His stomach soured and churned at the memories. If that was the shit “love” led to, he wanted no part of it, thank you very much.

The trail dumped him into Old Town Alexandria, which was nicer for the shade the buildings and trees along union Street provided, but more challenging for the crowds of people that thronged the sidewalks, and the rush of traffic that paid no heed to pedestrians. Brady bit out a curse as he dodged a minivan circling for parking and crossed the street, where the sidewalk brought him along Founders Park, a long strip of green that bordered Alexandria’s waterfront. The park was crowded with groups...

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