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Out of the Dark

Out of the Dark

Description : Out of the Dark
What do you do when your Alpha was nearly assassinated and is now out ofmission; you've killed a pack member; your mate is dying and beyond your reach; and the house you are standing in has gone up in flames – all in the last two hours?

Yeah, Decebel thought. Hell if I know either.

As the mansion burned and smoke filled the spaces the flames had not, Decebel and the other males in his pack continued to search around, making sure no one was left inside.

Decebel and Fane finally reached the suite where they'd last seen Vasile and Alina. Much to their relief, the Alpha and his mate were gone. Hopefully that meant they'd gotten to safety. Decebel looked into the adjoining room. The dining table there was still perfectly set, food half-eaten, glasses half-filled. Only the two spilled glasses on the floor were out of place – Vasile's and Alina's – surrounded by the poison that had almost killed them.

Just goes to show that there's never a dull moment in the life of a Canis lupis.

"I can't smell anyone, but that doesn't mean anything. The fire and smoke would cover any scent," Decebel told Fane.

"We need to get out. Now." Fane urged his Beta.

"Is your mate safe?" Decebel responded.

Fane nodded. "She says Vasile and Alina are safe as well. It appears that all of our pack made it out, as well as her father. And she says to tell you that if we don't get our furry butts out of here right now she will personally…," Fane paused and, cringing, shook his head, "it's better if you didn't know. I say we just heed her warning and get out."

Fane and Decebel took off at a run, heading for the front door of the mansion, which was quickly bing a death trap. The flames burned ever hotter,...

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